Paparazzi Earning Potential

As an Independent Consultant your earning potential is unlimited. You can make money through your own sales, through building a team, and through Facebook Live online sales.

A lot of people look at network marketing and multilevel marketing, and ask, “can your really make money?'” or “can you really make money selling $5 jewelry?” The answer I always give is “Absolutely! Yes!” It really all depends on where you want your business to take you.

Do you need a little extra cash for your bills?, do you want to make enough to go on a large family trip?, do you want to pay off debt?, do you want to make extra money to buy a home?, do you want to make money to start your own company? It’s really all in what you want for YOUR life. I’m sure you’ve spent at least $99 on something in the last month. Why not use that same amount on starting your own business?

I’m always open to talk and answer any questions! If you’re ready then let’s sell jewelry together!