How to Join Paparazzi

Looking to make some residual income for yourself and your family? Well, joining Paparazzi Accessories as an independent consultant is pretty easy. It’s pretty straightforward. The benefits of joining are great, and you can join in about 10-15 minutes. You’ll be well on your way to looking great in your bling and making some extra cash.

Time needed: 10-15 minutes

1.Select your sponsor:

Your sponsor will become your mentor. It is called your upline. They will help you through your business journey and give you all the help you need. My Team is Blissfully Accessorized. So in joining my team I will be your support.

2.Select your Starter Kit:

Your Starter Kit will come with a variety of pieces for you to start building your inventory. It will also come with materials you can use to set up your 1st party. You can basically sell from day 1. There are 3 kits available. The kits range from $99 to $499. Once you select your kit, you’re ready to enroll!

3.Plan your first sale:

Once you’re enrolled, your kit will be mailed to you. While you wait, reach out to your sponsor for tips on how you start selling your pieces, once you get your inventory. I love meeting with my new team members, to answer any questions and guide them through how to benefit the most from selling these amazing pieces.

Yup! That’s it! Pretty simple right? If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to make money and have fun doing it while hanging with your girls, then Paparazzi Accessories is a great opportunity for you! I would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Contact me today!

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