My New Fashion Obsession

Hello Readers!

I have found a new fashion inspiration for purchasing shoes! Although this website/company I will be sharing with all of you also sells clothes and accessories, they are best known for their shoes.

One day I was searching the internet for a particular shoe I was looking for and I came across a special for shoes on the JustFab website. I have heard of the website several times but I never really looked into it. So I decided to check it out and I was really pleased. They have a large variety of shoes that are also really cute.

The promo that really caught my attention was buying one pair of shoes and getting the second free. So I happily placed my 1st order and only paid $43, for an order that would have totaled over $80. I was really excited! Another perk is that there is no monthly fee. You do have to make a purchase every month, UNLESS you skip the month by the 5th, then you don’t get charged anything. If you happen to forget to skip the month, they will charge you a fee, but that fee is credited to your JustFab account and you can use it to make a purchase. Now that’s a plus because some months may not have “buying shoes” sketched into my budget.

Here are just a few of the items that I have purchased so far. I’ve placed a few more orders but I’m planning on taking some #OOTD picks to show them to all of you. These items are really good quality and stylish!

So as you can see, I’m totally obsessed and I really think you will be too! They have hundreds of styles from shoes and clothing to handbags and more. Plus, you’ll get a sweet deal on your first purchase. There’s always new stuff arriving too. Click here to check it out!

Remember to leave a comment and let me know if you found some styles you love!

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Holiday Outfits for Children

Hello readers!In my previous post, My 4 favorite holiday outfits, I listed a few of MY favorite outfits for the holidays. This post is kind of a part 2 post and it is a list of holiday outfits for children. My children love to dress up and they actually do a pretty good job choosing their holiday outfits. I found a few that I really like, so hopefully they will like these too:)Children Holiday Outfits (these can be found on

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My 4 Favorite Holiday Outfits

Hello readers!

As the season approaches for Christmas holiday parties with co-workers, friends and family, finding the right outfit is sometimes challenging. We all want to look glamorous, but at the same time being comfortable is important. There are so many options to choose from so I wanted to narrow down my list of favorite holiday outfits to just a few.

Favorite Holiday Outfits (these outfits and heels can be found on

Leave a comment and share your favorite holiday outfits and fashion inspiration!

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How to Layer for Fall

Hi readers!Happy Labor Day to all of you! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday!As I sat here and looked through the store ads that I received in the mail, I noticed all of the fall advertising and I just began to get excited!!! I know I have said this before, but I really love fall!!!I wanted to share some simple ideas to help you layer your clothes for fall. We all live in different parts of the world, so these tips can be altered according to the climate you live in.

My Fall Layering Guide

1. First Step 

Pick a tee (short or long sleeved), a cami or a tank top 

The tee, tank or came you pick will be considered your base, so pick a material that is light and breathable.

2. Second Step

Pick a shirt such as chambray, flannel or solid

The shirt you choose can be left unbuttoned, buttoned all the way up, or buttoned halfway, whichever you choose. I particularly like chambray but I think I will purchase a few flannel shirts this year.

3. Third Step

Add a sweater (pullover, cardigan, vest)

Make sure to pick a sweater that matches with your color scheme from your base and shirt choice. You can choose from a pullover sweater, cardigan, or vest. Choosing to wear a vest will add warmth without the bulk around your arms.

4. Fourth Step

Close out your layering with a blazer, wool coat (peacoat, topcoat, cocoon style, wrap), jacket (denim, suede, leather), or trench coat

The final step is choosing a coat, blazer, jacket or trench coat. I really like trench coats because they add warmth and style. You can choose to wear a blazer if you have to dress in business attire for work. A more casual look would be to wear a denim or leather jacket.I will share all of my OOTDs as soon as we begin to feel the fall weather here in Southern California.

(all items pictured are from H and M)

My Hair Mishap

Hi ladies!

So last week I went to the salon to get my hair done. I went in asking for rose gold balayage but……….let’s just say it was a disaster. My hair was literally a mixture of purple, red, gold, yellow and orange. As I washed my hair a few more times, the color faded more and more and became more and more orange!!!I was so upset but I just accepted it.

I went 1 whole week with a hair color I hated. I had to wear my hair in a bun (which is not bad) but considering I paid a significant amount to get my hair done, I should have been comfortable with styling my hair any way.

I called the manager to speak about my concerns and they kindly offered me a refund and the option of fixing my hair. However, I just no longer felt comfortable with leaving my hair in the hands of the stylists that messed my hair up. She actually also told me that the way the stylist did my hair was not right and that she should have explained the process to me from the beginning. I was so disappointed. 😔

So the moral of my story is to be very carful when letting someone style/color your hair. Ask as many questions about the process so that you are sure that the stylist will be able to fulfill your hair dreams. I have definitely learned from this experience and will be extra cautious when thinking of a hair color change. I really hope this has not happened to any of you before. It is really an awful feeling and you just don’t feel like yourself when your hair does not look right.


Fall Fashion 2017 Wishlist

My mini Fall 2017 Wishlist!Hi ladies!I just want to share that Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the fall colors so much!!! Chunky sweaters, leggings, boots, scarves, or even a pretty maxi dress make me really excited. The weather on the West Coast is also very nice and refreshing. I can’t wait to start shopping for my Fall wardrobe and start decorating my house for all the upcoming holidays that come around this time of the year.I wanted to share a few clothing items that I have in mind to wear this Fall. Enjoy and remember to leave a comment and share your wardrobe wish lists.

 GreySweater, PlumSweater, Leggings, Frontwrapdress, Ridingboots, FloralwovenshawlScarf

My Beauty Basics

Hi ladies!Here are a few makeup items that I use to get a natural look. Since I am a mommy to 4 little ones, I need something that is quick but still makes me look like a didn’t just roll out of bed.I buy most of these makeup items from Ulta, which I love!!! Check out these products and feel free to click on the links to be directed to the product pages on