Christmas with My Children

Hello readers!Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m trying something new with participating in “blogmas,” but since I missed my December 1st post, I’ve decided to publish two post today. I hope you enjoy!christmas2“Tis’ the season” as many people say, and my children have been making there Christmas list and we have all of our Christmas decorations set up.However, this year I have decided to do something different with my children, for the Christmas holiday. I have told them that this year is more about giving to others, than receiving.We usually gather their Christmas list from them and buy most of the toys they ask for. This year I just felt that doing something different would have a greater impact on their lives. They are a bit older now and can understand how helping others is more fulfilling than always thinking of themselves.So I decided to do the following:

  1. Buy them something they NEED-for example (clothes, Pjs, shoes)
  2. Buy them 2 items they WANT-(from their Christmas list)
  3. Let them choose 3 items to give to other children– Donate to Toys for Tots Community Toy Drive
  4. Choose a local charity- to participate in serving food to those in need

Please share some of your holiday traditions you have and how you celebrate Christmas with your children.XOXO! Until next time!Follow me on Snapchat: mykindbeautifulFollow me on Instagram: my_own_kind_ofbeautiful

My 2017 Christmas Wish List

christmas-presents-2974429_1280Hello readers!Since I’m a newbie blogger, I have only recently herd about “Blogmas,” but once I started reading about it, I instantly got inspired. I feel that it may be challenging, but there is so much to write about as the end of the year approaches. I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give it a try. So here we go, this is my 1st blogmas post!These are some of the items that I would really love to get on Christmas morning. Now I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get these things, I just want to share my list with all of you and give you all an opportunity to share your Christmas list too!2017 Christmas Wish List

  1. Cannon EOS Rebel T7i Camera
  2.  Moonlight Fragrance-Arianna Grande
  3. Coach Fragrance
  4. Photography Soft Boxes
  5. Ugg Boots (brown, black, tan)
  6. Makeup and nail polish

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My 5 Beauty Must Haves for Winter

Hello Readers!Here in SoCal, we are starting to get some cooler weather! The weather has fluctuated so much that the feeling of cold weather is a relief. As many of you may know, the cooler weather means less moisture. I have decided to stock up on some of my winter favorites (just a few), that I like to use to keep my skin moisturized.I’m sharing a few items that I have purchased from Ulta.

  1. dermalogica intensive moisture balance-much needed facial moisturizer, especially in windy areas.
  2. Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter -having skin that almost feels like velvet is a must.
  3. Ulta relaxing bath bomb-I use these to wind down after a busy day of work or just to relax after all the holiday festivities (sometimes I add coconut oil to my bath also).
  4. Philosophy Hand of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream-keeping your hands moisturized is essential to avoid cracked skin and dry cuticles.
  5. Bare Minerals all over face warmth-since the sun is limited for most of the winter, and we often stay indoors when it’s too cold, applying all over face warmth gives you a natural sun kissed glow.

****You can find these products at your local Ulta store or on****XOXO Until next timeRemember to leave a comment and share your winter beauty must haves.Follow me on SnapChat: mykindbeautifulFollow me on Instagram: my_own_kind_ofbeautiful

11 Habits of Successful Women

Hello readers!Growing up my mother always told me that if I can dream it then I can do it. She raised me to know that if I worked hard, I would have success in anything I truly wanted. To this day, I have been blessed beyond measure, by accomplishing every goal that I have truly desired and I am thankfully successful in several areas of my life.I wanted to share a few habits that you can follow if you really want to be successful.1. She makes time for herself and the things she loves2. She challenges herself to go outside of her comfort zone3. She educates herself with self led courses/material and also enrolls in structured educational programs4. She understands that some goals may take more time than others5. She specifically networks with people who share the same interest as her, as well as those who find interest in other things (there’s always an opportunity to learn from others)6. She is financially savvy and financially responsible7. She is friendly and smiles often8. She can step away from her job and have a life outside of the workplace9. She sets goals for herself and makes sure to accomplish them10. She celebrates her accomplishments (even the small ones)11. She helps others and finds joy in seeing them succeedI hope you find these tips helpful!Remember that no dream is too BIG. Write out your plan and stay focused. It will come to pass!XOXO-Until next timeRemember to leave a comment and share habits you follow for successFollow me on SnapChat: mykindbeautifulFollow me on Instagram: my_own_kind_ofbeautiful

Fall 2017 Scarves

Hello readers!!!!So this fall season, adding a scarf to your outfit can be an easy way to accessorize. Scarves come in many different lengths, material, and colors. There are also different ways to tie/wear a scarf, that can really finish off your look.I have provided a sample of some scarves that I really like. These can all be found at H & M and they all range from $10-$40. You can also check out my Fall Wishlist here, for more Fall Style Inspiration. 

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Fall Activities with My Family

Hello readers!Oh my! I know I have been gone for a while. There has been so much going on that I have neglected my blog :'(, but I am back now!!!! I missed you all. tree-99852_1920So as I’ve said so many times, I LOVE FALL!!! and I think my children notice how much I love fall too. They have been so excited about baking and they are begging to make all things pumpkin.I’ve been watching the Food Network channel and searching Pinterest (of course!!!) for inspiration for fun DIY crafts, family outings, and baking goods that I want to make with the little ones. Of course they want to make everything in one day, but momma bear has to spread these family activities up.Here is my list:

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch
  2. Make pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake (although my husband won’t eat it)
  3. Make and decorate fall themed cupcakes
  4. Make and decorate fall themed cookies
  5. Visit and Apple/Pear Orchard
  6. Spiritual themed pumpkin carving
  7. Make a wreath for the front door
  8. Cook apple chips
  9. Take fall family photos

Feel free to share the things you want to do with your family this fall season.Follow me on Snapchat: @mykindbeautifulFollow me on Instagram: @My_Own_Kind_Ofbeautiful

Be Confident, You Are Awesome

self-confidence-2076798_1280I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I am my biggest critic.When I have an idea, it takes me some time to really have the confidence to speak about it or act on it.Side note: I’ve been desiring to start a blog for the last five years, and I’m finally doing it now!!!These self doubt thoughts make me think about something I herd someone say before, “You are kind of awesome!” This phrase is similar to the popular phrase, “I’m kind of a big deal!”So when I feel doubt about an idea or even in my work, I just tell myself. “You are kind of awesome!”I know it may be difficult at times to speak positive things over ourselves, but it is beneficial and helps increase our confidence.I am a strong believer in confidence and loving yourself before falling in love with someone else. When you love yourself, there is nothing negative anyone can do to you or say too you that can change how you feel about yourself.Now I have not always felt this way. This was something I had to learn, once I accepted the thought and feeling, my life truly changed.Before I had the confidence and before I began to truly love being me, I found myself in an unhealthy relationship, several years back.I experienced this unhealthy relationship over a span of 3 years, which ultimately changed my life and my outlook on life. I went through things that I never imagined I would have to go through and I believe this happened because I let someone else determine who I was and what I was worth.I can say that I learned from that experience, and I am at a place now where I love myself, I have found the one I love, and I know my life purpose.I want to encourage all of you to increase your confidence and know that you are awesome and you are beautiful. There is no one that can take that away from you!STAY CONFIDENT and LOVE BEING YOU!!!! ❤️Until next time!XOXO

I Was Nominated for a Most Active Blog Award!!!

So as I opened by inbox, I see that I have a comment and a Most Active Blog Award Nomination 🥇  from Letters To Myself !!!!!!Thank you so much for nominating me!!!Please click on the link to check out and follow Letters To Myself’s Blog, it’s really amazing and it’s inspiring to me.My Blog is only 1 month old, but I have learned so much in the short month that I have been a part of the internet world. Its fulfilling to me share my thoughts, experiences and advice with all of you. Now it’s my pleasure to nominate a few blogs myself.

My nominees are………………………

  4. lifewithlatoya

To my nominees, these are the rules. Create a new post saying that you’ve been nominated and that I was the one who nominated you (include the link to my blog). Nominate other bloggers and let the cycle continue.Also don’t forget to check out and (she came up with the award).Until next time:)

How to Layer for Fall

Hi readers!Happy Labor Day to all of you! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday!As I sat here and looked through the store ads that I received in the mail, I noticed all of the fall advertising and I just began to get excited!!! I know I have said this before, but I really love fall!!!I wanted to share some simple ideas to help you layer your clothes for fall. We all live in different parts of the world, so these tips can be altered according to the climate you live in.

My Fall Layering Guide

1. First Step 

Pick a tee (short or long sleeved), a cami or a tank top 

The tee, tank or came you pick will be considered your base, so pick a material that is light and breathable.

2. Second Step

Pick a shirt such as chambray, flannel or solid

The shirt you choose can be left unbuttoned, buttoned all the way up, or buttoned halfway, whichever you choose. I particularly like chambray but I think I will purchase a few flannel shirts this year.

3. Third Step

Add a sweater (pullover, cardigan, vest)

Make sure to pick a sweater that matches with your color scheme from your base and shirt choice. You can choose from a pullover sweater, cardigan, or vest. Choosing to wear a vest will add warmth without the bulk around your arms.

4. Fourth Step

Close out your layering with a blazer, wool coat (peacoat, topcoat, cocoon style, wrap), jacket (denim, suede, leather), or trench coat

The final step is choosing a coat, blazer, jacket or trench coat. I really like trench coats because they add warmth and style. You can choose to wear a blazer if you have to dress in business attire for work. A more casual look would be to wear a denim or leather jacket.I will share all of my OOTDs as soon as we begin to feel the fall weather here in Southern California.

(all items pictured are from H and M)


back-to-school-2628012_640Happy September and Happy Saturday!!!This weekend marks the first weekend of the homeschooling school year for my two oldest children.This year I am teaching my 1st grader and  4th grader, and so far the 1st week has gone by smoothly. I am anticipating this to be a great and fun year. I have been looking over the projects for this year and I think I may be more excited then my children are.I don’t know if any of you are homeschooling your children (please let me know if you are) but the transition from public school to homeschooling has been both challenging and fulfilling.When I first became a mother, I never thought about homeschooling my children. I thought it would be extremely difficult to do and I also did not know anyone who homeschooled their children, at that time. But once I took the leap to try it out, it definitely proved beneficial for me and for my children.I am able to spend a lot of time with them, give them the help they need, and just be involved in their early stages of learning.I look forward to this school year and I will make sure to share their completed projects with all of you.Until next time! Enjoy this holiday weekend:)XOXO