Mind-Mapping to Success

So have you heard the news? Your success is within reach! Wow I’m so excited for you! Are you excited?


Are there seasons in your life when you feel like nothing is going right? You feel out of luck, out of touch with society and you feel like you’re losing at life? Well there’s a way to fix these feelings. And I’m going to share a simple tip with you.

When we have a vision, dream, hope and/or desire, we usually want that particular thing to happen quickly. We want it easy. We want it handed to us. We may put in a little bit of work, but if the results don’t come soon enough, we give up. Does this sound about right?

Well the truth is, even as a life coach and mentor, I experienced these emotions before I reached the place I’m at now. One of the tools I used is mind-mapping.

The benefits of mind-mapping are amazing. I use the tool of mind-mapping with myself and my clients because it is a procedure that helps you create plans and strategies for your success. Mind-mapping is also a visual thinking tool to structure information to help you analyze and create new ideas. You simply transfer the vision in your mind onto paper and it becomes a tangible tool you can see and use everyday.

So instead of just having the ideas (vision, goal, dream, desire) in my mind, I actually documented my them.  At that point it changed from an idea to a commitment, to an intention, then finally to completion.

Now, I used to make New Year resolutions, for the longest time I thought they truly worked. However, I always found myself making excuses for not sticking with the resolution or I simply gave up if the change didn’t come quick enough. Living in a fast paced society makes us want things convenient and quick.

As I continued to fail at reaching my goals and living out my dreams, I knew there had to be another way. I was seeing so many successful people around me so I knew there was a system that worked.


Ahah! My answer was to create a vision board (dream board, inspiration board) and to never give up. YES! what a world of a difference this made for my life. If you don’t already know, Oprah loves creating vision boards. We all know that she is very successful, so I really knew I was going in the right direction.

In creating my vision boards I recognized an immediate shift in my thinking, self-esteem, confidence and overall belief in myself and the things that I could achieve. I created a vision board for my career, health, family, finances, faith and businesses.

After creating my boards, I wrote down a plan for each goal. I meditated about my goals everyday, and if I felt like I was losing hope, I would pray and read words of affirmation. I shifted my thinking and I spoke success over my life.

Yes, you have to put in the work if you want to see the success. Yes, mind-mapping works and will make you successful, but it doesn’t work on it’s own. Don’t let giving up be an option.

Now once you’ve created your vision for your life by mind-mapping, it is important to share your vision with a trusted source who can cheer you on and pray over your vision with you. Now if you don’t really have anyone close to you that can support you, then find a sisterhood community where you can join a group of empowered like-minded women. They are sure to help you along your journey.

Does this sound like something you can do? I think the answer to this is yes!

Sweetheart, I’m praying for you and with you.


If you are having trouble finding a sisterhood to join, I have a new online mentorship group beginning February 2019 and you are more than welcome to join us. Contact me through my “Contact Me” tab, you can message me on social media, and you can also join my email list to receive more information.

Until Next Time XOXO


Author: LivingLifeBlissfully

Wife and Mother of 5, with the desire to encourage, inspire and empower women to live their best life. Here is share my life conquering motherhood, and my beauty and fashion advice.

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