5 Ways I Teach Humility to My Children

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Today I wanted to share some information with you about how I teach my children humility. I have seen in today’s times, that many humans (young and old) are very self-centered and unappreciative.


One of my goals as a mother is to teach my children humility. I want them to know their value and the value of others. I also want them to be considerate of others as well as knowing that everything we have is a blessing from God. Here are a few steps that I take with my children:

1. I teach them to be thankful

My children and my spouse and I have been blessed to have several people around us that are very loving and giving. My children get monetary and material gifts pretty often, however, we teach them to always say thank you and we assure them that monetary and material things do not have more value then the family and friends we have around us.

2. I teach them to be apologetic

I have had discussions with my children about being apologetic. As a family of 7, there are plenty of sibling disagreements that we have to work through and sometimes they say things to each other that are not so nice. Our house is a house of love and we do not allow name calling. However, if they do hurt each other’s feelings we have taught them that it is okay to be sorry and genuinely apologetic.

3. I teach them to be helpful

My husband and I help other’s as often as possible. Our children see this and they have naturally learned to be helpful, especially to elderly people. We strongly feel that teaching our children to be helpful will teach them to put someone else’s need before theirs. We are actively looking for charity events in Southern California, that are kid friendly, so that we can participate in helping our community.

4. I teach them to have self-confidence

In a society that is all about appearance, I will be honest and say that instilling self-confidence in my children has been challenging. Of course I always tell them how smart, pretty or handsome, creative, unique, beautiful etc., that they are, but it’s difficult when we are in public and mostly everything they see is about looks, weight and trends. I believe that continually teaching my children that their character is more important than their looks, will help them keep their confidence up.

This is actually one reason I created this blog. I want to empower and encourage people to love themselves inside and out, as I am teaching this to my children also.

5. Lastly, I am patient with my children

Since I want the trait of humility to stay with my children throughout their life, I have learned to be patient and loving. These are little humans that I am raising and basically everything that they are learning is new to them and takes time to learn. Of course sometimes they are not thankful, not as confident, not helpful, and not apologetic, but I keep my patience and remind them that these are traits that we want to have to build good character.

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