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I know I have been gone for a while, but the reason why is because my baby girl has arrived and I have been transitioning from 4 children to 5. The transition has been going pretty well. The support I have, along with prayer, has really helped me.

When I began this new journey I can admit that I was a little nervous. I was just getting the rest I truly longed for, I was feeling that I was getting a little piece of myself back, and my husband and I could really get back to spending uninterrupted quality time together.

I really did not know how to feel, but once I heard the little heartbeat and felt the little movements in my belly, I couldn’t help but feel so much joy in my heart. From that point forward, I could not wait to meet my baby girl.

Before my baby girl was born, I did not know how my youngest son, 18 months, would accept the new baby. I read so many articles and asked other mothers, who have children 18 months apart, to get some sort of guidance. Above all I prayed that the transition for him and I would not be difficult.

When we brought baby girl home it was the sweetest thing. All my son wanted to do was help, hold, and hug his baby sister. He loves helping and wants her to walk already!

Sibling Love

My life lately has been very busy and one of the greatest rewards I have experienced. Since I’m still on maternity leave from my job, I am enjoying spending time with all my children and cherising these moments. Many times I have caught myself looking at old pictures of my children when they were babies and I’m reminded of the reality of how quickly this time passes.

As I manage this new transition I am also looking at ways to be more present in posting here and on Instagram to keep you all updated with what is going on with me and my family.

-Until Next Time XOXO

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