Hosting a Vision Board Party-2018

Write the Vision and Make it Plain

IMG_1979Hello Readers!So I officially hosted my 1st Vision Board Party/Event a few weeks ago and it was amazing. All of the ladies who attended expressed to me that they had a great time and they were inspired by the event.I want to share with you all, the steps I took in planning this event.Planning:I made sure to make the process of sending out invitations as simple as possible and sent out the invitations via text. I used an invitation app and created a really nice invitation.fullsizeoutput_905

  • I then chose the food I wanted to serve. I selected to have simple serving foods (salad, raw veggies, and fruit) and one of my friends also made some delicious Alfredo and Pesto Pasta. The food was simple and the ladies were able to eat and work on their boards. If you plan on hosting a vision board party this year you can supply the food, as I did, or you can make it a pot luck and have everyone bring a dish.


  • My next step was to buy all of the supplies. I decided to supply my guest with the supplies, but you can also ask your guest to bring some supplies as well. The usual supplies that are needed are, poster boards, magazines, stickers, card stock, glue, tape, markers, and pens.


  • I also decided to purchase small gifts to give to each guest as a Thank You! I purchased small notepads and pencils and also included a special thank you card, thanking them for sharing the experience with me.


  • Lastly I found a few ice breaker games to make everyone comfortable and to get everyone’s mind on envisioning their future and how great this year will be for them. We played a game where I supplied index cards with phrases/sentences that each guest had to finish. For example the phrases/sentences were: My dream vacation is…., My best childhood memory is…., My favorite desert is….,I don’t like it when…..ect. This game was interesting and we all learned something new about one another. We also played Give Yourself a Point, and Pass the Gift. At the beginning of event, I had the ladies introduce themselves and share something that they accomplished in 2017. This part of the event was very inspiring.

After everyone finished their vision boards, we all shared our boards with one another. It was interesting to see how many entrepreneurs we have in our group and how ambitious we all are as young women.I chose to hang my completed vision board in my home office so that I am able to look at it everyday, several times a day, to keep me focused and inspired. I make sure to pray over each of my goals/visions daily and I also pray for the goals/visions of the ladies who participated in my event.All in all, the event was a success and I am so excited to see how my numbers grow next year!!!IMG_1977.JPG****I also made a special announcement during my event, that I will be sharing with all of you very soon****Until Next Time XOXOFollow me on Instagram @my_own_kind_ofbeautiful and Snapchat @mykindbeautiful


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