5 Reasons to Create a Vision Board

Let’s Make our Dreams Come to Life in 2018!

vision-board-520757_1280Hello Readers!Happy New Year to everyone!After starting this blog in August 2017, it has been a challenge for me to set a posting schedule. Considering that I work 40+ hours a week, I’m a wife, and a homeschooling mother of 4, it’s been difficult finding the time.So as I pondered about how I can make this dream of mine really work, I thought! what better way to organize my 2018 goals,  than to create a vision board? I immediately got excited! I talked to my friend and blogger @melanintaught  , and asked her if she would be interested in making her own vision board, and she responded, “I would love to!” That’s when I knew that this idea was a good idea!My plan is to gather a few ladies from the church I attend, as well as some colleagues of mine, to have a casual ladies meeting to share our dreams and goals for this year and for everyone to create their own 2018 vision boards.vision-2372177_640

Here are 5 reasons to create a vision board:

1. You make a daily visual of your dreams/goals for the year By writing down or selecting pictures to match your dreams/goals, you visually see them everyday. This inspires you to keep pushing forward everyday and it gives you the drive you need to accomplish that dream and/or goal.2. It makes you think about what you really want to accomplishCreating a vision board gets your mind thinking about what you really want to accomplish this year. It forces you to go beyond casual thinking and focus on your goals and aspirations.3. Vision boards are funCreating a vision board is a fun stress-free way to unload your deepest inspirations, without the thought of the idea being right or wrong. There is no need to make sure everything is aligned and in a perfect space. Just have fun putting it all together and if you decide to do this in a group, enjoy sharing your dreams/goals with others.4. Vision boards will get you really excited about the coming year!As I wrote at the beginning, just thinking about creating a vision board made me really excited. It gives you an opportunity to uncloud your mind, with all of the new things you want to accomplish this year, and you’re able to visually see everything written down. It give you the feeling that ANYTHING is possible if you truly believe and you are willing to put in the work.I really hope you all create a vision board this year!!!I also wanted to provide you with the supplies you may need:

  • poster board (large or small), cork board, or even a journal
  • magazines
  • scissors
  • colorful markers and/or pens
  • stickers
  • print outs of quotes you love and quotes that truly inspire your vision
  • glue

Remember to leave a comment and share your ideas!Follow me on Instagram @my_own_kind_ofbeautiful and SnapChat @mykindbeautifulXOXO Until Next Time


Author: LivingLifeBlissfully

Wife and Mother of 5, with the desire to encourage, inspire and empower women to live their best life. Here is share my life conquering motherhood, and my beauty and fashion advice.

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