Christmas with My Children

Hello readers!Christmas is fast approaching, and I’m trying something new with participating in “blogmas,” but since I missed my December 1st post, I’ve decided to publish two post today. I hope you enjoy!christmas2“Tis’ the season” as many people say, and my children have been making there Christmas list and we have all of our Christmas decorations set up.However, this year I have decided to do something different with my children, for the Christmas holiday. I have told them that this year is more about giving to others, than receiving.We usually gather their Christmas list from them and buy most of the toys they ask for. This year I just felt that doing something different would have a greater impact on their lives. They are a bit older now and can understand how helping others is more fulfilling than always thinking of themselves.So I decided to do the following:

  1. Buy them something they NEED-for example (clothes, Pjs, shoes)
  2. Buy them 2 items they WANT-(from their Christmas list)
  3. Let them choose 3 items to give to other children– Donate to Toys for Tots Community Toy Drive
  4. Choose aΒ local charity- to participate in serving food to those in need

Please share some of your holiday traditions you have and how you celebrate Christmas with your children.XOXO! Until next time!Follow me on Snapchat: mykindbeautifulFollow me on Instagram: my_own_kind_ofbeautiful

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