Be Confident, You Are Awesome

self-confidence-2076798_1280I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I am my biggest critic.When I have an idea, it takes me some time to really have the confidence to speak about it or act on it.Side note: I’ve been desiring to start a blog for the last five years, and I’m finally doing it now!!!These self doubt thoughts make me think about something I herd someone say before, β€œYou are kind of awesome!” This phrase is similar to the popular phrase, β€œI’m kind of a big deal!”So when I feel doubt about an idea or even in my work, I just tell myself. β€œYou are kind of awesome!”I know it may be difficult at times to speak positive things over ourselves, but it is beneficial and helps increase our confidence.I am a strong believer in confidence and loving yourself before falling in love with someone else. When you love yourself, there is nothing negative anyone can do to you or say too you that can change how you feel about yourself.Now I have not always felt this way. This was something I had to learn, once I accepted the thought and feeling, my life truly changed.Before I had the confidence and before I began to truly love being me, I found myself in an unhealthy relationship, several years back.I experienced this unhealthy relationship over a span of 3 years, which ultimately changed my life and my outlook on life. I went through things that I never imagined I would have to go through and I believe this happened because I let someone else determine who I was and what I was worth.I can say that I learned from that experience, and I am at a place now where I love myself, I have found the one I love, and I know my life purpose.I want to encourage all of you to increase your confidence and know that you are awesome and you are beautiful. There is no one that can take that away from you!STAY CONFIDENT and LOVE BEING YOU!!!! ❀️Until next time!XOXO

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