5 Ways to Manage Stress

Hi readers,I have been working so hard at work over that past month, and I am barely feeling like my head is above water. At times I feel overwhelmed and just worried that I won’t get my work done. Every time I look at the clock, it seems like the day is flying by but I still have piles and piles of work to do.This is what inspired me to write this post. In our busy lives there are many things that can cause stress. The thing that I have to mange the most in order to reduce my stress level is my work. Everyday I have to just sit back and remind myself that I am only one person, and that my days may be long, but I know I will get the work done.I hope these tips will help you!

1. Take a step back from the stressor

It is important to not avoid your stressor, because it will not go away until the situation is resolved. It is best to just take a step back and do something else. Your stressor may be work (like me), or it may be bills, children, or even relationships. It may be hard to step away from these things but more times than not, stepping away will give you a new perspective when you return from taking a few minutes to yourself.

2. Laugh a little

As the saying goes, “Turn that frown upside-down.” I have read in so many books and heard so many people say that laughter and smiling makes you feel better. When you laugh or smile, there is tension that is released because most people hold a lot of their stress in their face. So smile often.

3. Get active

Research has proven that exercising is a mood changer. From my personal experience, when I exercise I feel so much better physically and mentally. That’s why I feel that exercising is a stress reliever, since it benefits your body and your mind.Before I started working from home, I worked at an office building, and when my work load would increase, I would step away from my desk and take a 10 minute walk outside. You would not believe how refreshing and mentally healing that was for me. You can take a walk, swim, dance, run, or jog, even if it’s a quick 10 minutes. Trust me, it helps.

4. Quiet Time

This step is similar to step one, except this step is more about meditating and praying. You are still stepping away from your stressor, but your not necessarily doing something distracting. Instead you are going to a quiet place where you can close your eyes, sit still, take deep breaths, and meditate on your mental health. You can take this time to pray and to just get into a peaceful place.Last Step….

5. Social Support

I know many times when we are going through something, we may be embarrassed or just feel like we can get through it on our own. Although this may be true, it never hurts to talk to a family member or friend about what is causing you to become stressed. A simple phone call or even meeting up with that person can help take your mind off the stressor and even just give you relief letting your emotions off your chest.Always make sure you talk to someone you can trust and someone who can help you feel validated about your feelings.Remember, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email:)Until next time!

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