4 Steps to Having a Great Morning

Hi readers,I thought it would be a good idea to give you all 4 steps to having a great morning, which ultimately leads to a great day!For most of my life I have always been a morning person. I was always the 1st person awake in my house and I would just sit and wait for everyone else to wake up (sometimes impatiently waiting). But as a got older and became a mother, the mornings began to be hectic and it felt like there was never enough time in the morning to get out of the door on time. Often the hectic morning would lead to a hectic rest of day. Then I would be the cranky, tired, exhausted mommy, when I got home from work.Here are 4 simple steps that you can follow to help you have a great morning, and have a better day.alarm-clock-2132264_1280

1. Set Your Intentions

Your mindset is the key to starting your morning off right, so before you go to bed meditate and pray about getting a good nights rest and envision yourself waking up in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed.

2. Think Proactive Instead of Reactive

In the first 10 minutes after waking up, pray your day in and have some brief “me” time, instead of automatically going into a state of mind of getting something done. Such as checking emails, checking your work schedule, reviewing your To-do list, or having deep conversations that cause your mind to become reactive. Instead, meditate for 5 minutes, read a magazine, or even sit and listen to soothing music.

3. Accomplish Two Things Within the First 2 hours After Waking Up

In this busy thing we call life, there are so many things in a single day that we have to accomplish. Instead of thinking of everything on your To-do list, just pick two things that you can feasibly complete within the first 2 hours of your day. Most people that are productive always have a list of things that they know must be completed that day, so it is best to select two items on the list that you are sure you can complete within that time frame. When those two tasks are completed, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and that will put you in good mood.Make sure to eliminate any distractions and focus on those two tasks, even if they are simple.

4. Plan Your Day the Best You Can

As difficult as it may sound, stay in the moment and try not to replay what happened yesterday, what will happen tomorrow, or what may go wrong today. Have a mini-planning session with yourself since your mind is fresh and the day is NEW!Happy Mornings to All of You!!!I hope these steps will help any of you that may have a difficult time in the morning or just need some motivation on how to start your day off better.Remember, I encourage your comments and look forward to hearing from all of you.

2 thoughts on “4 Steps to Having a Great Morning

  1. This is one very inspiring post. Good job. I liked the part “Set your Intentions”it is so true. Every morning even the whole day stats with a though from the previous evening. I have tried it so many times and it works at least 90 % of the things that I have desired are happening on the next day. Thank you for your post.

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